Business Phone Number, Group Texting, Team Chat & Video. Unified. And free.

Built for Canadian Entrepreneurs
by one of Canada’s leading Entrepreneur businesses.

Really free? Yes! Nucleus is the first of its kind FREE Business Phone System. You get a free business phone number and unlimited extensions, team chat, video calling, and shared team text messaging – all in one app and from any device.

Get our app and connect your team, customers, and vendors today.

Nucleus on desktop
Nucleus Desktop and Mobile App

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Unified Communications

One communications platform to connect your teammates, customers, and vendors.

Free Phone Number

Free Phone Number

With Team Extensions

Free Group Texting

Free Group Texting

Team access to customer SMS

Free Team Text Chat

Free Team Text SMS

Get connected with your team

Free Video Calling

Free Video Calling

Works on all of your devices

helping You Keep It Simple

Pick up where your colleagues left off seamlessly.

People are working from anywhere, on a range of devices, and keeping your business connected is more important than ever. It’s critical for your communications platform to perform because work doesn’t wait — so your employees and customers shouldn’t have to wait either.

Get all the essential business tools and services you need in one platform, get Nucleus.


How do we make it free?

Over the past 20 years we’ve delivered free services that matter to families and businesses across Canada by building our own infrastructure and software to keep our costs low, and by charging for additional services for those that need them. Watch the video below to learn more.

Get a free phone number from anywhere in Canada.

Nucleus Unified Communications

One place for all of your communication needs. We mean all.


  • Direct Phone numbers
    (unique extension & phone number)
  • Automated Attendant
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Make calls using desktop or mobile
  • Private/Dedicated SMS
  • Shared SMS Inbox
  • Team Messages
  • Video Calls
  • Video Conference Calls
  • File Share

Coming Soon:

  • Call Recordings
  • File Storage
  • International Phone numbers
  • Email Integration
  • Calendar
  • Online Document Creation
  • Document Collaboration
  • Popular Social Media Integrations
  • Call Transcriptions
  • Meeting Transcriptions
  • Shared email inbox
  • Task Management
  • Meeting Manager
  • Omni Channel
  • Custom Reporting

Beyond telecom

Nucleus is the latest Venture spun out of twenty-year old national phone and internet company, Fibernetics – a globally recognized Canadian telecom company that has been providing innovative products and services for over 20 years. Our company purpose ‘We empower you for success’ applies to both our valued customers and our employees. It’s how we go ‘beyond telecom’.

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